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AFT (Almost Free Text) is a document preparation system. It is mostly free form, meaning that there is little intrusive markup; AFT source documents look a lot like plain old ASCII text. It has a few rules for structuring your document, more to do with formatting your text than embedding lots of commands, and it produces all types of output (HTML, XHTML, LaTeX, roll-your-own XML, etc.). All that needs to be done is to edit a rule file. You can even customize your own rule files for specialized output.


WeaveWeb is an online commercial content management and web publishing system. It produces complete web sites from existing materials including plain text and csv files. Style sheets and business logic templates for rendering of HTML, XHTML, WAP, printer friendly etc views from one source. Handles large international sites with multiple languages and multiple servers. Web based administrator interface. Integrates other data sources like XML or CSV files, for example for product data and stock tickers. platform/s (mandatory), e.g.: Linux, MS-DOS, MS-Windows web based online service. license type (mandatory), e.g.: GPL, BSD, Shareware, commercial, free trial commercial


Cocoon XML to HTML converter. platform: Linux


news2html is a program that converts news articles in a single directory into HTML formatted files. After it has converted all the files it will create an index page for easy access on a website to each article.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


RDFFetch is a program for handling the RDF news item format used on many WWW sites. Based on a simple configuration file it fetches the news items from the Internet and converts them into HTML for easy inclusion on a WWW page. platform: Linux, RDFFetch is commercial software.


png2html takes a PNG image and transforms it into a Web page with the use of a text file. It assumes 1 pixel equals 1 character and colors the characters. Check out the homepage for sample output.
platform: Linux
license: GPL

LaTeX2HTML mailing list

You can mail a request for an "info" file to the server address, Put this single line in the mail message: info latex2html You can get a general "help" file from that server by mailing this single line help to the same server address, This should also give you instructions on how to join (or leave) the group.

LaTeX2HTML (obsolete link)

LaTeX2HTML (obsolete link) LaTeX to HTML converter
platform: Linux N.N. N.N.


csv2html converts CSV files (exported from spreadsheets) to HTML tables. You can customize the appearance of the resulting table with a style sheet to make a standalone Web page or a table to include in another page. Note: There are several other programs called csv2html (of course I didn't know this when I first wrote it). platform: Linux, but should work on any sort of Unix, or anything else that Gforth runs under. There is also a Windows version, compiled with Win32Forth.
license: GPL


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