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Conversion Tools: Bookmarks

Bookmarks WebMaker

This tool converts Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites or bookmarks into HTML documents becoming a fully customizable website,options include:rate links,include links descriptions,filter urls,differents layouts,manage bookmarks,include html meta tags...and many more.
platforms: Windows
license: Shareware (free trial)


csab3666 converts bookmarks between Microsoft Internet Explorer, NetScape and Opera.


Converts your Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x Favorites to an HTML file suitable for use as bookmarks.html for Netscape Navigator/Communicator. platform: Linux


Converts html pages to bookmarks for several browsers like netscape, lynx, plain-html, which one do YOU want.
platform: Linux (it's part of the Debian/GNU-Linux 'bookmark' package)


bk2site will transform your Netscape bookmarks file into a yahoo-like website. You can see an example website created with it at The site is generated every hour from a cron job. My goal is to enable the user to establish zero-maintenance high-value (small) websites. I am now using all the information in the bookmarks file, as well as some simple recommender system techniques.
platform: runs on Linux, but some people claim to have compiled it for other Unices.


Reads bookmarks from any number of so called bookmark collections, checks for conflicts among the bookmarks, and write them back to the bookmark collections. bmsync is written in perl by Oskar Liljeblad <>. A bookmark collection is a file or directory, containing a number of  titles and a URL for each title (bookmarks). bmsync currently supports two types of bookmark collections - namely those generated by Netscape Navigator (bookmarks.html) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Favorites/).


bkmrkconv will convert Netscape's bookmarks.html file into a series of interconnected HTML pages which can be put online. The pages are heavily customizable and examples are included for a Yahoo-like portal. The program is useful for accessing your bookmarks from a remote machine or even just for making your links look prettier.
platform: Linux
license: Artistic


Converts Favorites folder into an HTML page SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Bookmark Wizard: Convert Favorites to HTML SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Convert Between Netscape & Explorer bookmarks SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Convert Netscape Bookmarks to MSIE Favourites SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Internet bookmark conversion utility SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Converts/Merges IE and Netscape Bookmarks SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98

Mozilla bookmarks to XML/XSL

Mozilla bookmarks to XML/XSL converts bookmarks from Mozilla/Netscape6 to XML formats. It comes with the XSL transformation file that enables client- side XSL (XML to HTML) transformation.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL) Python Snippet: Converting an IE Favourites folder to XHTML


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