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Conversion Tools: Databases

Full Convert

Full Convert is a program for database conversion and synchronization between PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server, SQL Server Azure, SQL Server Compact(SQLCE), SQLite, Delimited text files (CSV), XML and many more via ODBC.


File2Data is a tool to convert txt, MS-Excel, CSV, hyperfile data to SQL 'create table & insert', MS-Excel, hyperfile, XML.
platform: MS-Windows (WIN32)
license: FreeWare

Data Migration Toolkit (DMT)

The Data Migration Toolkit (DMT) The Data Migration Toolkit is a Java application (both GUI-based and command line operable) for migrating files and/or database data through intermediate XML storage. There has been a recent release, which includes several updates.
platform: Java
license: BSD

Oracle Migration Workbench

The Oracle Migration Workbench is a tool that simplifies the process of migrating third-party database systems to the Oracle platform (Oracle9i and Oracle10g). The Oracle Migration Workbench migrates the entire database schema, including triggers and stored procedures, in an integrated, environment.
platform: MS-Windows, Linux

InfoOptics Universal Data Translator - UDT

InfoOptics Universal Data Translator - UDT allows information to be synchronized between database systems that normally do not communicate with one another including (but not limited to) QuickBooks(tm), ACT!(tm), Outlook(tm), SQL, Access(tm), GoldMine(tm). AS400(tm), DB2(tm), Maximizer(tm) and ODBC database sources. Because of InfoOptics ability to work seamlessly with nearly any data source including text files, flat data files, ODBC data sources and other delimited files, your legacy data can now be seamlessly transferred into your existing, best of breed application environment.
platform: MS-Windows
license: commercial

Parse-O-Matic: Power Tool

Parse-O-Matic Power Tool is a programmable file converter. You can extract information from data files or mine reports. Copy, delete, parse, change, edit and reformat, reading ASCII or EBCDIC text or binary files from Windows, Unix or Mac. Supported record types: fixed length, variable length, delimited (e.g. null or tab). Export CSV files for import into a database or spreadsheet. Analyze XML and HTML, server logs, or the Windows clipboard. A helpful tool if you need to migrate from legacy software. Runs from the standard interface (with built-in file browser), or via a batch file, the command line, a shortcut, or from a task scheduler for unattended operation.
platform: MS-Windows
license: Free to use; US $149 for advanced features


The WisdomForce FastReader provides Database Administrators, Data Warehouse Architects, Developers and QA with the ability to make a quick snapshot of data from a Database. FastReader can unload and extract Oracle tables of any size (terabytes of data) into portable flat text files in a fraction of the time and with no system overhead. The user is able to easily configure the output format which can be csv, xml, etc. The user is able to perform fast and selective unload of data from Oracle which effectively utilizes the multi-processor environment. At the same time, FastReader automatically prepares input for high-speed loaders such as Oracle SQL*Loader, bcp, etc. WisdomForce FastReader works on major databases, including Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase.
platform: Sun Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Tru64, Windows, Linux/386, IA64
license: free trial

eva/3 UDC

eva/3 UDC was designed to easy convert and migrate data between diverse databases at the push of a button. At the moment eva/3 UDC supports thirteen databases DB2, Oracle, Sybase, My SQL, Microsoft Server 2000, JdataStore, Microsoft Access etc.

Access2MySQL Pro

Access2MySQL Pro Convertor is a program which gives an opportunity to perform MS Access (.mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access database convertions simply by having configurated several options of wizard-like application. Convert your dbs using professional tool. Do it faster, more reliable and comfortably. Whether you want to copy a whole database or convert a number of tables, Access2MySQL Pro is at your service. platform: MS-Windows
license: free trial

Access2MySQL Sync

Access2MySQL Sync Convertor/Synchronizer is an application which allows easily convert and syncronize Microsoft Access (MDB) databases to MySQL and vice versa, unlike other similar tools, which commonly perform only one-way conversion. The program is extremely easy to use, it is implemented like a common wizard-like application, so even an unexperienced user will be able to work with it. platform: MS-Windows
license: free trial

Warehouse Workbench

Warehouse Workbench is designed to rapidly develop, simulate, and test data movement routines for virtually all data base and flat file applications. Due to the combination of a powerful repository-based architecture and unique easy-to-use simulation interface, it is an ideal tool for all professionals that frequently have to move and convert data. ExtractOnDemand for SAP SAP Navigation, Extraction and Reporting -- Powerful Simplicity! ExtractOnDemand for SAP provides SAP end-users, SAP management and ABAP programmers with a single intuitive graphical user interface that is able to access, browse, extract and create reports from all available SAP R/3 data and objects.

Zaval Database Export Utility

The Zaval Database Export Utility is a light- weight Web-based client, which is designed to export data from any database without having to launch database-specific administrative clients or tools.


DataBridge is a database to database data movement tool commonly known as extraction, transformation, load tools (ETL). DataBridge is used to move data for conversion, application synchronization, or population of data warehouses. DataBridge supports many different database natively including: Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQLServer, TurboImage, and others.

DataBridge handles data type conversion automatically. It provides both a GUI interface and robust scripting language to deal with the business rules to transform the data. Over 1000 machines installed. For more information, email: <>
platform: Unix, NT, MPE, SCO license: CPU Performance Base contributor: <>


"DATA JUNCTION Data Junction, the Company's flagship product, is a visual design tool for rapidly building and testing transformation objects that work with hundreds of applications and structured data formats. Two major design components automate every aspect of complex application integration and data transformation with drag-and-drop ease. The Project Designer is a graphical process flow component that provides a canvas onto which process steps can be dragged/dropped and interconnected. It employs simple flowchart symbols to link a limitless number of transformation objects together in a single, automated project. In addition to transformations designed with Data Junction, the Project Designer allows users to integrate external procedures, test global variables, leverage full conditional flow control and implement transactions between steps. The Conversion Designer combines the ease of an intuitive GUI with a robust transformation engine to visually and directly map source data to target structures while allowing the user to manipulate the data in virtually limitless ways. Both design components feature integrated metadata functionality for publishing to a repository or querying internally.

Developers can extend Data Junction's range of supported formats with the Custom Data Interface SDK. The CDI SDK is an API that enables developers to write their own connections between Data Junction and unique data sources residing on any platform. This SDK functionality is perfect for connectivity to proprietary file formats or for an additional pre-or post-process layer of security and/or record handling."


pxtools is a collection of tools to work with a Paradox-database. It consists of pxinfo, pxsqldump and pxcsvdump. pxinfo scans the header of a specified database-file and dumps the important informations on the screen. pxsqldump is a utility to extract the data from Paradox-database. The output is a SQL-dump that can be used to recreate the database in an SQL-enviroment. It dumps the 'CREATE TABLE' and the 'INSERT INTO'-commands to create the database. pxcsvdump is a brother of pxsqldump and produces CSV-tables. platform: Linux

license: GPL


gdbload/gdbdump converts any standard database to and from CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) format. Many formatting options are available. World-Time and Appointment databases as well as application specific fields are not supported. (... gdbdump exports the contents of an HP 100LX database into an ASCII form. file is the name of the 100LX database to read; the results are written to the terminal and can be redirected or piped as needed. The output format is suit- able for input to many database packages as well as to gdbload(1). ...) platform: Linux
license: GPL?


oracledump is a command-line tool that dumps Oracle data and table setup information as SQL. It provides an interface to Oracle similar to the interface that mysqldump provides to MySQL.
platform: Linux

license: Artistic

The Igor Project

A Java library that can be used to transform DB records into XML. Igor is a 100% pure Java library that can be used to transform DB records into XML. platform: Linux, Java
license: LGPL


'genlds' is a tool for migration of data into SAP R/3 databases. It is written in ABAP/4 and described in the computer magazine CT 10/1996 p. 128 Voll, bitte! (in German).


Dbview is a little tool that will display dBase III and IV files. You can also use it to convert your old .dbf files for further use with Unix. It wasn't the intention to write a freaking viewer and reinvent the wheel again. Instead dbview is intend to be used in conjunction with your favourite unix text utilities like cut, recode and more. platform: Linux package: Debian


AutoClass solves the problem of automatic discovery of classes in data (sometimes called clustering, or unsupervised learning), as distinct from the generation of class descriptions from labeled examples (called supervised learning). It aims to discover the "natural" classes in the data. AutoClass is applicable to observations of things that can be described by a set of attributes, without referring to other things. The data values corresponding to each attribute are limited to be either numbers or the elements of a fixed set of symbols. With numeric data, a measurement error must be provided. platform: Linux package: Debian


VORTEXperl provides PERL access to VORTEXchannel which in turn provides DBMS access to a variety of SQL DBMSs including Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, db2, and so on. VORTEXperl writes directly to VORTEXserver via sockets so no client side linking is required. Evaluation kits are downloadable. platform: Linux (Perl)

Btrieve Database Conversion

A HOWTO explaining Novell Btrieve database conversion.

MySQL Migration Toolkit

MySQL Migration Toolkit is a software pack to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa.


K.E.T.T.L.E (Kettle ETTL Environment) is a meta- data driven ETTL (Extraction, Transformation, Transportation, and Loading) tool. This means that no code has to be written to perform complex data transformations. It is possible to create plugins to do custom transformations or access proprietary data sources. Kettle supports most databases on the market, and has native support for slowly changing dimensions on most platforms.
platform: Java
license: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

First Choice to HTML

First Choice to HTML converts PFS:First Choice database files to HTML. It features full explanation of the conversions, examples, CGI routines, and a full set of links to resources. Several other utilities are included, such as tools for analyzing, sorting, rearranging, and pretty printing.
platform: Linux, Microsoft-Windows, DOS
license: MIT/X Consortium License

pfs:First Choice Data Base Files Convertor

pfs:First Choice Data Base files convertor is a software product to convert pfs:First Choice data base files into a format that can be used by modern data base and spread sheet programs such as Microsoft Access, Excel, FoxPro, QuattroPro and others. For maximum flexibility, it also converts to Word and WordPerfect mail-merge data file formats. It runs under Windows 95/98/2000/NT as well as Windows 2000, and directly reads the Dos-based pfs:First Choice data base files.
platform: Microsoft-Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT and 2000.
license: commercial


fdf-Converter: converts any FDF file to a data format, other applications or databases like Excel or Access are able to process. You simply have to select a FDF file or directory with FDF files and fdf-Converter will convert all of them to a *.CSV file. You want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? No problem. With some few clicks you select an unlimited number of FDF files graphically and organize data import for example to one single Excel-file.
platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Wind
license: Shareware


CompareData is a native Windows cross-dbms application that allows you to visually compare and synchronize data between two SQL databases using ODBC drivers. You can retrieve some/all data for a table/view from two databases and compare the data visually to see differences highlighted on the screen. You can also compare data of two sql queries and dbms metadata.
platform: Microsoft Windows
license: commercial


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