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Conversion Tools: Databases From Text Files

SANKHYA Translation Framework (STF)

The SANKHYA Translation Framework (STF) is a novel framework for building dynamic model driven parsers and data integration systems. STF can be used to automate EAI activities like document and message processing, protocol conversion, text to XML transformations, SQL database to XML transformations, C++ and Java code generation, server page processing, data conversion and adapter development. STF uses STML, a powerful language for modeling language grammars or schema of documents, and for specifying translation and transformation rules in a unified manner. STML Translator (ST) is a model driven translation and transformation tool (executable). ST can parse a document, verify that the document conforms to the model, and automatically translate/transform the document to a different representation (Example: Text to XML) using the rules specified in an STML model file.
platform: Linux, MS-Windows
license: Commercial

Import Wizard

Import Wizard can import printer spool files, delimited and fixed width files, as well as HTML tables into Access, Excel, MS-SQL Server or ODBC databases. The software goes beyond the standard text import functionality by allowing imports with multiple lines per record and importing headers and footers. The software is useful to import information from any computer-system regardless whether the system is a legacy mainframe, DOS, Unix or Windows system.
In addition to importing data, Import Wizard lets you manipulate data prior to importing it into the database. You're usualy forced to import everything into a table and then clean it up, but Import Wizard contains a number of features that will get your data in shape faster. You can identify data that's separated by a delimiter (such as lastname, firstname or city, state) and split the data into separate fields. You can adjust the cuttoff year for 20th and 21th century dates and import nonstandard formatted dates, which you ordinally might have to import as text and go through a conversion step after the fact. Another feature is the ability to create fields that store formula results based on source data. For example, you could create an IIf() formula that conditionally fills in a code based on existing data. You can also use wildcard characters to select and import multiple files. In addition, you can apply filters to restrict what's imported.
Import Wizard is comprised of three parts: a standalone executable and add-ins for Access and Excel. A free 30-day trial version is available.
Shareware, Free Trial


MONARCH: "A powerful Windows-based report mining tool that lets you easily access, extract, and manipulate live data from virtually any existing computer-generated report. Monarch lets non-technical professionals access and manipulate data from virtually any existing computer-generated report. Users can also search the report files for information, print selected pages, copy and paste information to other applications or create a new database. The extracted data can be filtered, sorted and rearranged. Monarch's new portable reports feature allows quick distribution of electronic reports via the Internet to virtually anyone in your organization. With Monarch, there's no rekeying data from hardcopy reports, then proofing to correct mistakes; no required outside custom programming; and no database security issues, because theres no need to access the central database." platform: MS-Windows
license: Commercial


EUDI converts data from any application report or screen into Excel. Just print the report or screen and EUDI will extract your data into Excel. EUDI was designed for Excel users and is very easy to operate. If you know how to define a table in Excel you can get the data from your reports and screens into neatly formatted excel sheets.
platform: MS-Windows
license: commercial

Cambio und DJXL

Cambio und DJXL "Cambio answers the classic text mining challenge of creating structured data tables from raw, irregular text files. Cambio enables users to process live text feeds, parse XML documents, glean data from Internet sites and text reports, and mine data from numerous other irregular sources. Cambio employs a visual interface to automate the creation of extraction rules and conditions - data fields and recognition tags are visually branded within a display of the source data file. Cambio scripts can be used by Data Junction and DJEngine to deliver a seamless transformation of irregular text files into hundreds of different database formats.

Developers can infinitely customize Cambio scripts beyond the capabilities of Cambio's visual pattern recognition technology using DJXL. DJXL is a line oriented programming language developed by Data Junction Corporation and utilized by Cambio. It is most useful in the creation of complex scripts necessary for files whose patterns and rules are too complex to be expressed by Cambio. DJXL scripts require Data Junction or DJEngine for execution.


DJEngine is a programmable, embeddable engine for executing projects and transformations designed with Data Junction and Cambio and for automatically creating, mapping and running default transformations. The product is a pure execution engine, without any user interface components, making it ideal for environments where data transformations need to be executed on demand or scheduled on a regular basis.

DJEngine includes an API for integration with other programs as well as a command-line interface that drives the conversion process using options entered with the command line. The API enables tight control of the transformation process, including error handling, record filtering, transaction coordination, user interaction and on-the-fly parameter changes. DJEngine's scalability and easy integration make it perfect for embedding in applications as well as for implementing data warehouses, data marts, and diverse data migration and replication strategies throughout the enterprise. Its small footprint allows it to run on Windows laptops, but it is robust enough to execute on large UNIX servers.

The Streaming Data SDK can be used to configure DJEngine to read or write streams of data in the form of messages or real time feeds."


The slice program reads an input file and divide its prepared ASCII contents into possibly overlapping slices. These slices are determined by enclosing blocks which are defined by begin and end delimiters which have to be already in the file. The final output gets calculated by a slice term consisting of slice names, set theory operators and optional round brackets. For more information, please visit WML .


pg2xbase is a set of utilities for converting PostGres database tables to and from DBF databases. platform: Linux,
license: GPL


This program takes an xBase-file and sends queries to an PostgreSQL-server to insert it into a table. platform: Linux package: Debian


Dbf2pos converts database DBF files into SQL code. It also allows you to extract fields you want and set ranges in extracted fields.


CsvBridge is a Java utility that allows you to import and export comma-delimited data (csv files) to and from a PostgreSQL database.
license: GPL

Shape Tools

Shape Tools consists of some very simple programs that convert ARC/INFO EXPORT (e00) format files to ESRI/Shapefiles (shp).
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)


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