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Linux Graphics mini-HOWTO

Linux Graphics mini-HOWTO


IrfanView is a very nice image viewer, image processor, and format converter (using SaveAs). It's freeware.

Artix Freebies

Artix Freebies is a growing collection of in-house graphics tools, most originally written for the SGI. fillmissing, renamber, iterate, and randnum are tools for working with image sequences. tim2bmp, tim2tga, and tmd2lwo are format converters for Playstation files. rgb2rgba is a tool for modifying SGI RGB images. platform: Linux license: free to use but restricted source: FreshMeat


TransFig is a set of tools for creating TeX documents with graphics which are portable, in the sense that they can be printed in a wide variety of environments. (N.N. -> fig)
platform: Linux , license: freely distributable


sam2p is a Unix commandline utility that converts many raster (bitmap) image formats into Adobe PostScript or PDF files. The images are not vectorized. It gives full control to the user to specify standards-compliance, compression, and bit depths. It is common that sam2p can compress an image down to an 50kB Level1 PostScript file without quality loss, while other popular converters produce multi-megabyte output. It provides some Level3 compression filters even on Level1 devices. platform: Unix license: GNU General Public License (GPL)


pat2pdf automatically fetches patent TIFF images from the USPTO database and converts them into a single PDF file using libtiff and GhostScript.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


ImageMagick (TM) is a package for display and interactive manipulation of images for the X Window System. It is written in C and interfaces to the X library, and therefore does not require any proprietary toolkit in order to compile. Although the software is copyrighted, it is available for free and can be redistributed without fee. ImageMagick is known to compile and run on virtually any Unix system and Linux. It also runs under Windows NT, Windows 95, Macintosh, and VMS.


gen3img is a tool to automatically convert graphic files to three different sizes, in three different qualities (if allowed by the output file format). gen3img is designed to handle many files at a time, and you can recurse many subdirectories as well. It is especially useful if you have to set up a large Web site or photo album with the same pictures in different resolutions (to please modem users). gen3img is a powerful command line frontend to the ImageMagick "convert" command. platform: Linux license: GPL


The GD gif-manipulating library, version 1.2 was created to allow graphs, charts and the like to be generated on the fly for use on the World wide Web, but is useful for any application in which custom .GIFs are useful. It is not a paint program; it is a library. Latest version of the manual at the URL "". Tom Boutell, <> platform: Linux


zimg generates png images from almost arbitrary formatted f(x,y) data. Both plain unformatted ascii and a variety of binary input formats are supported. Output options include variable logarithmic color mapping (VLCM) and contour graphics. platform: Linux, license: GPL, source: FreshMeat


Windows 95/NT 4 (TM) color scheme to Un*x translator. platform: Linux


webgif: An utility to set transparency and interlacing and output interesting information about GIFs. platform: Linux


WhirlGIF: GIF Animation software. platform: Linux


KVEC by Karl-Heinz Kuhl is a shareware program that allows you to convert raster graphics to vector graphics. KVEC is designed for 32 bit operating systems and is very exacting with respect to memory demands. KVEC


AutoTrace is a program for converting bitmaps to vector graphics. The aim of the AutoTrace project is the development of a freely-available application similar to CorelTrace or Adobe Streamline. In some aspects it is already better. Originally being created as a plugin for the GIMP, AutoTrace is now a standalone program and can be compiled on any UNIX platform using GCC.
platform: Linux
license: free for non-commercial use


gif2png is a simple command-line utility to convert images from GIF to PNG format. It is capable of automatically preserving transparency, interlacing and text comments, and it can do multiple images in one command (e.g., gif2png *.gif).
platform: Linux


CADUBI draws text-based images that are viewable on typical UNIX-based consoles. It has support for all eight ANSI colors, and for the bold, inverse, and blink ANSI modes. It features a pico-like interface with a status bar, a text mode that lets you quickly type strings in the current color and/or mode, a Quick Help screen for easy key reference, and the ability to read any text file with ASCII art. It outputs files in plain text so they can be displayed using cat and read back into CADUBI.
platform: Linux
license: freely distributable

The Gimp Utilities: ASCII To Image

The Gimp Utilities: ASCII To Image: The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, a image format converter, etc.
platform: Linux, License: GPL

Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, 2nd Edition

The Complete Reference on CD-ROM with Links to Internet Resources Oreilly


gifc: Accepts a file with graphical commands and outputs a GIF file.
platform: Linux


Gifsicle: An UNIX command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations.
platform: Linux


Image_Pack: 3 small bash scripts to create and optimize JPEG images
platform: Linux


MultiGIF: Cross-platform utilty for creating animated GIF images
platform: Linux


PhotoCD image converter
platform: Linux


Command-line converter between png and pnm image formats
platform: Linux


PostScript and PDF converter to vector graphic formats
platform: Linux


Programs for converting and transforming gif images.,
platform: Linux


A program for making transparent GIFs from non-transparent GIFs.,
platform: Linux


Graphics Format Converter,
platform: Linux


Programs for converting and transforming gif images.,
platform: Linux


PBM to PPA converter,
platform: Linux


utility to convert ppm images to ansi,
platform: Linux


Tiff image manipulation and conversion tools.,
platform: Linux


2JPEG.EXE: Batch conversion tool. DEMO SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


ImageConverter: Shell extension for Explorer SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Pic viewer, print, convert, catalog, slideshow SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Save screens/convert images/print screens SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


EZ Viewer32: Graphics viewer and converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Graphics viewer and converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Stand alone image viewer, converter, browser SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


GiFFY: BMP to GIF and back Convertor. Free SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Image manager, edit, convert graphic files SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


KVEC v2.33 for Win95: Raster-vector converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Graphic converter, special effects, batch mode SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


PixWizard: Image view, convert, news download SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Quant v2.0: Image converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


TriView: 3D Triangulated File Viewer/Converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


TWinIFF: Amiga IFF-ILBM to BMP converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


bmp2html is a small utility that converts a bitmap file to HTML. The result is a funny-looking picture consisting only of colored characters. platform: Linux license: GPL


DLL converts images to video, AVI/MPEG/FLIC SimtelNet platform: MS-Windows95/98

Computer Graphics Systems Development Corporation (CGSD)


Kandu Software Corporation

Kandu Software Corporation Specialized in graphic file translation software.

Larson CGM Solutions

Larson CGM Solutions Offers products for printing & plotting, viewing & presentation, application development, and conversion utilities for the CGM format.

Softelec Corp.

Softelec Corp. VPmaxNT - Automatic raster to vector conversion software for Windows!

Software Concepts, Inc.

Software Concepts, Inc. Offering Lustre, a new technology that converts images from 24 bit (16.7 Million colors) to 8 bit (256 colors).

Square One

Square One Developer of The Graphics Connection, a batch-utility for converting PostScript graphics into high-quality vector and bitmap formats.

Syndesis Corporation

Syndesis Corporation 3D model conversion tools


Winfli Software that converts Autodesk Animator fli/flc files into animated gif files for use on web pages.


Hermes Hermes is a pixel format conversion library that is designed to run as the backbone of graphics libraries. It will allow you to write code that supports any pixel format and convert it to any other pixel format thus making it runnable on any screen depth. It builds on many platforms, DOS, Windows, UNIX, etc. Other features include clearing and palette handling and, of course, handwritten x86 and MMX assembler routines for speed optimization.
platform: Linux



kdc2tiff is software to convert .kdc images from Kodak's DC120 digital camera to .tiff or .jpg files. This software pays particular attention to aspect ratio, high quality scaling, contrast adjustment, gamma correction, and image rotation.
license: GPL


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