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Conversion Tools: HTML to Any Format


gnuhtml2latex is a Perl script that converts html files to latex files. It takes list of .html files as arguments and make .tex ones. Can also convert html stdin to latex stdout. platform: Linux


by Peter Antman (HTML -> SGML)
platform: Linux


converts html into texinfo html2texi
platform: Linux


A utility that converts HTML files to plain text. Optionally it also tries to figure out if the HTML file is well-constructed. Gavin Spearhead (HTML -> Text).
platform: DOS


HTML2TEXT converts HTML 3.2 documents into plain ASCII text. Boldface and underlined text are rendered with backspace character sequences, tables are formatted nicely, documents can be read from files or retrieved with HTTP, and formatting parameters can be configured in an rc file. platform: Linux, license: BSD type


HTMLDOC converts HTML "source" files into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files. It can generate a table of contents, title page, and handles different media sizes and duplexing. HTMLDOC can also be used as a filter for web documents, allowing you to automatically generate PostScript and PDF documents from HTML files and reports. Support for Acrobat Reader 4.0 and Level 3 PostScript output, several new output options, and significantly better table formatting. HTMLDOC runs on all UNIX platforms as well as Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0 or higher. license: GPL


html2ps: An HTML to PostScript converter written in Perl
platform: Linux


Html2PHax is intended to become a multi-featured webclient to Hylafax for a PHP enabled Apache webserver on a Linux system. "FX:" input is automatically identified as faxnr or e-mail address, sendmail is invoked directly by function sendemail(), and a commentable coverpage.
platform: Linux
license: GPL see also fax chapter below


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