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Conversion Tools: Icons


The icoutils are a set of programs for extracting and converting images in Microsoft Windows icon and cursor files. These files usually have the extension .ico or .cur, but they can also be embedded in executables and libraries (.dll-files). Icoutils can also create icon and cursor files. platform: Linux


This utility converts MS Windows Icon files(*.ico) to XPM files. Currently, it converts only 32x32, standard VGA palette 16 color icon. (Not all, but most icon files can be converted. :-) KiDong Lee <> (MS Windows icon -> XPM converter)
platform: Linux


icod converts windows .ico files into X .xpm files. It will extract all the images from the icon file, handling any size and bit depth.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Converts Icons to Bitmaps SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


xpm2wico is a program that converts X Pixmaps (.xpm) files to Windows .ico files. I have written this program primarily to help free software programmers like me to not depend on evil pro- prietary programs to write Windows icons. It currently supports icons with 256 colors or more and well as grayscaled images. Later I will probably add support for multiple-icons file output. platform: Linux


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