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Conversion Tools: International Standard Book Number - ISBN

Royalty Free ISBN-13 Conversion Routines

On the Internet there are many articles about how to convert the ISBN, but little is available in the way of real code. To help you write the ISBN conversion routines, Polaris Computing has posted some sample programs. You can copy them into your system to use, royalty free. The conversion algorithm is straightforward. There are modules available for these programming languages: BASIC Microsoft Access, C or C++ Borland C++ Builder, Java Microsoft Visual J++, JavaScript Web Browsers, Pascal Borland Delphi, RPG IBM AS/400 RPG Compiler, SQL IBM AS/400 DB2. You can easily and systematically translate the code into other languages, such as PL/1, FORTRAN and Modula. You may also test the conversion online. is a perl module suitable for verifying and converting ISBNs. The module provides different functions: convert($isbn) Takes a 10 diget ISBN and returns the 13 diget equivalent. Does not perform any error checking or validation. gettype($isbn) Takes a string value and will make a guess as to whether or not it fits the criteria of an ISBN. Returns 10 for a possible ISBN-10 and 13 for ISBN-13. Does not validate further. validateten($isbn) Takes a 10 digit numeric value and checks to determain if it is a valid ISBN-10. validatettn($isbn) Takes a 13 digit digit numeric value and checks to determain if it is a valid ISBN-13. genchksum13($isbn) Takes a 12 digit numeric value and generates an ISBN-13 checksum digit. genchksum10($isbn) Takes a 9 digit numeric value and generates an ISBN-10 checksum digit. printinvalid() Returns a message informing the user the ISBN is invalid. You may also test the conversion online.

ISBN-13 Online Converter

ISBN-13 Online Converter converts a series of 10-digit ISBNs to 13-digit ISBNs and Bookland EAN-13 numbers.


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