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cwnn Chinese input system

cWnn is an integrated Chinese input system running on Unix workstation. It supports a wide range of input methods, satisfying the needs of the Chinese users from all over the world, including P.R.China and Taiwan. cWnn is capable of carrying out Hanzi conversion from an arbitrary Pinyin or Zhuyin sequence, hence improving the speed of Pinyin/Zhuyin input.


AutoConvert is an intelligent Chinese Encoding converter. It uses builtin functions to judge the type of the input file's Chinese Encoding (such as GB/Big5/HZ), then converts the input file to any type of Chinese Encoding you want. You can use autoconvert to handle incoming mail, automatically converting messages to the Chinese Encoding you want.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Translation of English text to phonetics for Mbrola speech synthesizer., platform: Linux


Simple French text2phone translator for Mbrola speech synthesizer., platform: Linux


Translation of Spanish text to speech for Mbrola speech synthesizer., platform: Linux


gsteak is a translator from German to English and English to German, implemented as a GNOME applet. gsteak either translates the word in the X-clipboard or the one entered. It returns a list of translations and possible uses of the word.
platform: Linux
license: GPL

XLinux POT Translator/Database

XLinux POT Translator/Database is a useful utility to translate multi-language pot files. It contains a database of pot files of many languages, and a tool that could automatically translate pot files via the database. Moreover, you can accumulate your own database to accelerate the translation. It's a powerful utility for the localization(L10N) process.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Correcteur 101 is a French grammar checker that provides a complete grammatical analysis of a sentence. It analyzes, explains, and corrects grammatical and spelling errors. platform: Linux
license: Shareware source: FreshMeat


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