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Conversion Tools: E-Mail


formail is a filter that can be used to force mail into mailbox format, perform `From ' escaping, generate auto- replying headers, do simple header munging/extracting or split up a mailbox/digest/articles file. The mail/mail- box/article contents will be expected on stdin. formail is part of the procmail package.
platform: Linux
license: GPL makes it easier to migrate a large amount of maildir mailboxes to mbox format for the Communigate mail server.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Utility to transfer UNIX mailboxes to a Windows POP3 server mailshift is a utility that reads a user's UNIX mailbox and writes the messages in a form readable by Infradig's Inframail Windows POP3 (and other protocols) server. It's useful for receiving all users' mail at once on a dual-boot machine under Linux while allowing Windows users to read their mail with the client of their choice.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


stripmime is a quick and dirty Perl script to strip user-specified MIME sections out of email messages. stripmime acts as a filter, and can be used with programs like procmail and majordomo to turn MIME-encrusted messages into something that text mail readers can deal with more easily.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


mbx2mbox attempts to convert Microsoft's proprietary .mbx and .dbx format mailboxes to the standard RFC822 mailboxes used by programs like Pine, Eudora, and Netscape.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


mbox-extract consists of two utilities, parse and mparse, which try to extract uuencoded and mime-encoded files, respectively, from email contained within an MBox. This goes hand-in-hand with fetchnews or fetchmail.
platform: Linux
license: freely distributable


OtlkToNs can be used to migrate mail files from OutLook Express (mbx only) to UNIX mail files suitable for use in Netscape Communicator.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


mail2sms converts a (MIME) mail to a short message, allowing search/replace, conditional rules, date/time dependent actions, customizing the output format, etc. The output defaults to 160 characters, which is perfectly suitable for sending the text to a GSM telephone as an SMS message. This software does not include any code for actually sending the text to anything else but another program or stdout.
platform: Linux


email2sms is a filter written in Perl which converts an e-mail into a form suitable for sending as an SMS message. Its main advantage over the alternatives is that it uses the CPAN module Lingua::EN::Squeeze to compress the text down to as little as 40% of its original size, so you can get much more of your e-mail into the 160 character limit imposed by SMS. It is fully MIME compatible, and has many configurable options, including removal of quoted text. Ideal for use with procmail. A Perl script for sending the output to a typical e-mail to SMS web gateway is included.
platform: Linux
license: Artistic


tozwgc is an image to Zephyr message converter. It can convert any picture format that ImageMagick is able to handle into a message suitable for sending over the Zephyr service. Essentially it colorizes a large chunk of text to simulate the original image. It is intended to be used along with a program like netcomics to send todays comics to subscribing users.


elm2mutt: This script takes all aliases from Elm and outputs a list of aliases suited for Mutt. It is handy for people who want to switch from Elm to Mutt or for who wants to use both email clients.
platform: Linux


eud2mbox: This is a conversion utility to convert Eudora mailboxes (already mostly mbox format) to real mbox-formatted mailboxes, removing all the html/x-flowed and other garbage. It also reads the TOC file and properly inserts both Status: and X-Status: headers so that mailers like mutt/pine/elm can properly tell what messages are read, new, replied, etc.


AutoConvert consists of three parts: A converter from Chinese HZ encoding to GB encoding, an auto-converter from HZ/GB/BIG5 encoding to GB/BIG5 encoding, and a working procmail example to auto-convert incoming mail.
platform: Linux, license: GPL


mll2html reformats an ASCII mailinglist file to a more practical HTML file.


Converts Mailto form data into readable format SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


compface converts 48x48 .xbm format (X bitmap) files to a compressed format that can be placed in your X-Face: mail header. Some mailreaders, like exmh will then display this image when the user is reading your mail.
platform: Linux

lotus2mail is designed to reformat mail forwarded from a Lotus Notes account (useful if you have two accounts: the lotus notes one and another, where you forward the mail using agents). The typical Lotus Notes forward splits the header information in 2 columns; this script re-constructs the header information.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)


rss2email is a simple Python script that lets you subscribe to a list of XML newsfeeds (RSS or Atom) and get new items sent to you by email.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)

mb2md not only converts mailbox files into a Maildir, but also the /var/spool/mail/$USER mailspool file. It is smart enough to not transfer a dummy message such as the one UW IMAPD puts at the start of Mbox mailboxes. You can add your own search terms to the script to make it ignore other forms of dummy first messages.
license: Freeware


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