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Conversion Tools: Medical Data


mm2mm is the first Medical Manager data converter released under the GPL. It is designed to move the data to MirrorMed, but you can use it to move to SQL for reporting purposes and to the migrate to other applications.
platform: Linux
license: GPL

MWImporter (among others)

SafeMed Systems are experts at conversion of U.S. based Medical Physician and Primary Care Medical Facility Management Systems from one file format to any other. Specialty in Medical Manager, Medisoft, Lytec, AltaPoint, PCN, Doms, POC, E-MDS, Impac.
platform: Microsoft-Windows
license: commercial


MRIcro is a freeware Analyze, DICOM, ECAT, Elscint, Genesis, Interfile, and NEMA medical image viewer and converter for MS-Windows and Linux. It can view ultrasound, CT and MRI scans, and can save them to popular graphics formats (PNG, BMP, JPEG). platform: Linux, MS-Windows
license: freeware
source: courtesy


ecg2png converts scanned 12-lead electrocardiograms (ECGs) into PNG format and a web-friendly image size. The problems this program solves are that an ECG scanned at relatively high resolution puts a large memory load on the Web browser because it contains about 6 million color pixels. Also, typical scanners convert a clean paper ECG into many colors, not just red, black, and white. The resulting file cannot be compressed efficiently and takes more time to transmit over low-speed network connections. This program shrinks the image while preserving the signal and cleans up the color map, yielding a bitmap that is well-suited for Web-based distribution of ECG images.


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