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Conversion Tools: Miscellaneous

Data Sniffer

The ParseNIP Data Sniffer can easily remove the guess work out of determining data formats and encoding. Whether your file is a fixed format or contains comma separated values (CSV) ParseNIP automatically detects data fields, their types, such as dates and numerical values, and file encodings such as UTF. As well as the elements within input and output files and how the records are delimited, the Data Sniffer functionality can discern what type/format of text file you are dealing with. So you don't have to understand whether the character set is one thing or another.


For a description how to convert this video formats see CT 7/2000 p. 204


Symlinks scans directories for symbolic links and lists them on stdout. Each link is prefixed with a classification of relative, absolute, dangling, messy, lengthy or other_fs. Symlinks can also convert absolute links (within the same filesystem) to relative links and can delete messy and dangling links.
platform: Linux

Adobe Acrobat Messenger

Adobe Acrobat Messenger "Ideal for workgroups and departments, Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Messenger(TM) software - combined with a scanner or digital copier - transforms paper documents into electronic files and delivers them via e-mail, Web, fax, and more. There's no waiting for interoffice or overnight mail - send contracts, color brochures, photos, and documents with handwritten notes or signatures instantly. You can also preview your documents on screen, crop or rotate pages, and add electronic annotations! Acrobat Messenger makes it easy to deliver to everyone on your distribution list at Internet speed."
platform: Windows NT
license: commercial


SRecord is a collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files. It understands a number of file formats including Motorola S-Record, Intel hex, Tektronix hex and binary, for both input and output. SRecord filters include cropping, filling, splitting, joining, and more. All filters may be applied to all file formats.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


PSXDEV is a free GPL'd development environment for the PlayStation (PSX). It features a Linux device driver (kernel module) for a special development hardware (available worldwide in many stores) and it allows you to connect more than one PSX with your Unix box and then exchange main memory, video memory and memory card contents or run self developed applications on it. With the included GNU egcs and binutils for the new target psx you can write your own cross platform applications. Many data format converters and other utilties are also included.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


EXPERIENCING THE RETRO-CONVERSION OF THE GENT MAP CATALOGUE "At this moment retroconversion seems the magic word. One puts the printed catalogue on one side of a machine and awaits a computerized version on the other side, a version capable of being consulted on line or as hard-copy and of answering specific queries. Not only libraries are involved in retroconversion. For example, the Dutch Historical Data Archive (NHDA = Nederlands Historisch Data Archief) held a session on scanners and OCR-software for historical purposes on the 7th International Conference of the Association of History and Computing (AHC) in Bologna (August 29-September 2). More important are the European Communities Telematics programmes, of which the Libraries Programme is part. They are implemented through shared-cost co-operative projects identified and selected by means of Calls for Proposals on the approved work on the retro-conversion of Library catalogues. In the first call of the Action Line I, Part 2: "Retrospective conversion of catalogues of important collections at international level" an insufficient number of proposals had been submitted and accepted. So means are still available."


snort2html converts Snort Intrusion Detection System logs into nicely-formatted HTML.
platform: Linux
license: freely distributable


IPTCutils is a set of applications to extract the IPTC blob information from an Adobe Photoshop JPEG file and convert it to a readable text format. The IPTC file info is widely used in newspaper, DTP, and pre-press markets. platform: Linux license: free for non-commercial use


apachedb logs Apache transfers into a mysql database. You can convert an existing transferlog or you can also log "on the fly" via the Apache logging facility. apachedb is easily extensible and very fast (depending on the database).
license: GPL
platform: Linux


The routines in this package can be used to convert Amateur Radio log files to a variety of other log formats.
platform: Linux


gnats2w is a Web interface to GNATS allowing access to most GNATS functions through sophisticated Web interface. Its intended features are: Most GNATS user functions accessible through Web, extensibility, configurability (including access rights), on-line help, documentation, i18n, no dependence on GNATS internal features.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Btoa converts 4 binary characters to 5 ascii ones, causing a 25 expansion. Spaces will not be used, which should make it safe to send files over Usenet without risking that blanks become tabs.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


PulseTLM is a full featured 3D Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) simulator that is published under the GNU General Public License with an input language that allows a wide variety of EM systems to be solved without recompiling the simulator. PulseTLM allows a variety of input (ex, ey, ez, hx, hy, hz) crossed with (impulse, sin, exp) sourcing and output (ex, ey, ez, hx, hy, hz, |e|, |h|) crossed with (viz, BoB, pnm, dat, grace, binary) display options. platform: Linux
license: GPL

Beispielsitzung einer Datenkonvertierung

Beispielsitzung einer Datenkonvertierung



Quoting from Linux Access-HOWTO: (Braille, ASCII -> Sound)


MAC megatron

Used to transform files from BinHex, MacBinary, AppleSingle, or netatalk style AppleDouble formats into MacBinary or netatalk style AppleDouble formats. The netatalk style AppleDouble format is the file format used by afpd, the netatalk Apple Filing Protocol (AppleShare) server. BinHex, MacBinary, and AppleSingle are commonly used formats for transferring Macintosh files between machines via email or file transfer protocols. megatron uses its name to determine what type of tranformation is being asked of it." (megatron, unhex, unbin, unsingle, hqx2bin, single2bin, macbinary
platform: Linux


"Solution for organizing your paper and electronic images. Use your scanner to capture and store all of your documents. Then use the Image Editor to highlight, annotate and attach sticky notes to your images. In addition, you can use the built-in OCR feature to convert your image into editable text! File your instantly retrievable images and documents in fully customizable icons and color-coded folders."

Gathering & Using References: A conceptual framework & status report

(Last updated: 09/16/98) This site is devoted to the technical process of how to collect references from both print and electronic sources and then to use these references in a report, journal article or book. It is not a guide about where to find relevant citations, but once found, how do I make these references available in the writing process. Information about the quality and scope of search methods will be given, but it is not the main focus. The major underlying theme is how to do this without having to type individual references or to 'copy & paste' one item at a time, although note will be made as to where individual entries can be made directly with efficiency: For example, a program may allow you to copy a URL from the Web directly when you happen to find something useful. The scope then is on "Mass transportion of references from where they are to where you want them."


For many conversion programs related to the atari look at URL:


"Dvilj and siblings convert TeX-output .dvi files into HP PCL (i.e. HP Printer Control Language) commands suitable for printing on a HP LaserJet+, HP LaserJet IIP (using dvilj2p), HP LaserJet 4 (using dvilj4), and fully compatible printers. Dvilj4 also provides support for the builtin Intellifont and TrueType fonts; TFM and VF files are provided in the distribution. Unfortunately, virtual fonts are not supported directly, so you must run dvicopy(1) first." by Gustaf Neumann


Useless command line utilities to convert strings to binary and back platform: Linux


TCE/Java: Java class library - minsize, maxperf - BigDecimal, string conversions, more platform: Linux


masterplant is a convertor generator that comes as a 'kit' of GPL-ed core code and less restricted library code, so your generated convertors are not infected by the GPL. Masterplan accepts a description of your input format and will generate bison and flex code that after compiling, produces a binary that will automatically build a parse tree and convert your input to an xml-like format.
platform: Linux license: GPL


kde2wm Many of us are using a "light" windows manager, as WindowMaker, while using the KDE tools, because they're great. The trouble is, the links in the KDE menu can't be used in the WindowMaker menu (or AfterStep, Fvwm...). So you may find it not easy to have KDE tools in the WindowMaker menu. This Perl script solves this problem: it "translates" the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker and many other window managers.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


fvwm_menu_conv Perl scripts that convert fvwm2 menus into icewm or blackbox
platform: Linux


Gmenu2Kmenu: Script to convert a Gnome panel structure to a KDE panel structure
platform: Linux


Analogue/Digital conversion using TLC548/9 SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


16 to 32bit Winsock Converter SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Payroll time card calculator/conversion prog SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Triangulated File Viewer/Converter (STL+) SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Converts DXF files to COSMOS/M Modstar format SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Converts DXF files to Direct3D X file format SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


FTP List Converter v3.7 SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Converts War-FTP logfiles to .message's SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Convert binary data to ASCII (UUENCODE MIME) SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Data Morpher: File conversion utility SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Drag And View: View, screen capture, convert SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


ParseRat file parser, converter & reorganizer SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


RPM database info to HTML converter,
platform: Linux


Tacacs / Radius AAA converter,
platform: Linux


Unix script converts Simtel.Net index to HTML SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


WinTopo: Raster to Vector Conversion Tool SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98

The PathConvert Project

This project is to develop utilities which make conversion between absolute path name and relative path name. It brings benefits mainly to the users of NFS and WWW.


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