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Conversion Tools: Morse Code

Morse Code Online

You may check TransLatum for online translations to and from morse code.


cwtext converts ASCII streams in stdin to ASCII Morse code (dotscii) or to audio suitable for >/dev/audio on Linux and other platforms. It also has a collection of tools for pulling info from the Internet and presenting it in Morse code.
platform: Linux
license: GPL source: FreshMeat


morse is a morse code translator, writen in Java. It translates both from morse code to text and from text to morse code. It can be compiled as either a console program or as a java applet.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


The morse2led package consists of two programs, blinker and text2morse_led. Coordinated use of the programs can translate text into morse code displayed on your keyboard's leds, as described in Neal Stephenson's _Cryptonomicon_. The blinker program is a very flexible tool that interprets a token stream as signals to control the leds, allowing one to do cool things like make Knight-Rider patterns or send subtle visual alerts. Compiles on Linux and FreeBSD. Runs in text console or X mode.
platform: Linux, BSD
license: GPL source: FreshMeat


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