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Conversion Tools: Movies


A multi-platform, "fast-start" publishing and conversion tool for streaming QuickTime movies.
platform: Linux


SubLib is a library that allows you to manage movie subtitles. It supports numerous subtitle formats and includes error correction and subtitle editing, conversion, and cleaning.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)


Gaupol is a subtitle editor for text-based subtitles. Its aim is to provide a simple but powerful subtitle editor for multiple subtitle formats. It is currently useful for converting between different formats, translating, and manual editing.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Home Video Creator

Home Video Creator: Easily convert and edit video tapes to CD/DVD. Get rid of those piles of VHS video tapes! Convert and edit your home videos (analog camcorder) and VHS tapes to CD or DVD with thisHome Video Creator. With this device, you can capture video from your videorecorder (VHS), or analog camcorder and burn them direct to CD or DVD. With the included multi language software you can edit and personalize your video!
platform: Microsoft-Windows


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