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Conversion Tools: Networking


Tableutil is a utility for converting, aggregating, and performing operations (currently unions, differences, complements, and intersections) on lists of IP addresses. Its primary use is to convert files into a format pfctl(8) can read. It can read plain-text files with ranges (, CIDR-style networks (, single addresses (, or host names ( It can also read p2b files, the preferred file-format of PeerGuardian.
license: BSD License


pfflowd is a small daemon which converts real-time state expiry messages from OpenBSD's PF packet filter into Cisco NetFlow datagrams. This allows very fine- grained traffic accounting in conjunction with NetFlow capable tools and places almost no incremental load on a PF firewall.
license: BSD License


JH2N (Java host to named conversion program) converts a hosts file to a full BIND 8 or 9 configuration. JH2N was inspired by the program included in the O'Reilly "DNS and BIND" book. Various options are available to enhance its operation by incuding external files. Using the simple host file syntax, very large and complex zones can be maintained.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)


cache2hints is a simple utility to convert BIND cache dumps to hints files usable by BIND. This allows BIND to recover a previous state, a boon to dialup users and others who must restart BIND for some reason.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


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