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Conversion Tools: Operating Systems Migration

Linux Client Migration Cookbook, Version 2: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide for Migrating to Desktop Linux

The goal of this IBM Redbook is to provide a technical planning reference for IT organizations large or small that are now considering a migration to Linux-based personal computers. For Linux, there is a tremendous amount of "how to" information available online that addresses specific and very technical operating system configuration issues, platform-specific installation methods, user interface customizations, etc. This book includes some technical "how to" as well, but the overall focus of the content in this book is to walk the reader through some of the important considerations and planning issues you could encounter during a migration project. Within the context of a pre-existing Microsoft Windows-based environment, we attempt to present a more holistic, end-to-end view of the technical challenges and methods necessary to complete a successful migration to Linux-based clients.
license: free download


CaseRePort is a tool to find filename case inconsistencies in the source tree. It may be useful for porting applications in any programming language from a case-insensitive (like Microsoft-Windows) to a case-sensitive (like Linux) run-time environments. It is very fast: searching the Linux kernel sources takes only 2 minutes.
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)

KBSt: Linux Migration Guide

The German Federal Government Co-Ordination and Advisory Agency (KBSt) the Linux Migration Guide whitepaper. This guide offers assistance on a wide range of issues that could be faced in a migration from Windows to Linux.

Solaris to Linux Migration

Whitepaper Solaris to Linux Migration [PDF]
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Whitepaper: Migration to the Solaris Operating System: Migration Strategies

Whitepaper [PDF]: Migration to the Solaris Operating System: Migration Strategies

Ubuntu's Linux Migration Assistant [REVIEW]

"This migration-assistant will be found in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn and makes it easier to move your documents and settings over to Ubuntu from other operating systems..."


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