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Conversion Tools: Portable Document Format - PDF


PDF2XL allows you to extract table data from PDF documents and convert it to Excel. PDF2XL provides a step by step interface that lets you find the table in the PDF document, select it and preview the data before converting. You can modify the output if desired and then export the table to an Excel file, MS Word or copy it to the clipboard.
platform: MS-Windows
license: Shareware


pdftohtml converts Portable Document Format files to HTML. This release converts text and links. Bold and italic face are preserved, but high level HTML structures (like lists or tables) are not yet generated. Images are ignored in the current version (but you can extract them from the pdf file using pdfimages, distributed with xpdf).
platform: Linux
license: GPL


Doc2pdf is an email robot that converts Microsoft Office attachments (.doc, .ppt and .xls) to PDF files. All you need do is carbon-copy (CC) doc2pdf when you email a Microsoft Office document. Doc2pdf converts the attachment to a PDF file and sends the PDF file, as an attachment, in a reply to all recipients.
license: Artistic License
platform: Microsoft-Windows XX


Prospero is an open source Internet Document Delivery (IDD) system. It allows libraries to send and receive documents in electronic format from Prospero or Ariel workstations. It also converts TIFF images into Portable Document Files (PDF) and then places them on a Web site for direct patron access.
platform: MS-Windows
license: GPL

An index.html maker from PDF, HTML, VRML and other files

An index.html maker from PDF, HTML, VRML and other files: IndexMaker is a PERL script to make an index.html file from PDF files, HTML files, VRML files and other files. It can scan the files in a directory recursively.
platform: Linux (Perl)


SWFTools is a collection of code for handling Flash .SWF-files. This includes a merging tool (swfcombine), a PDF to SWF converter (pdf2swf) and library for writing and parsing SWFs (rfxswflib). license: GPL


PostScript and PDF converter to vector grafik formats. pstoedit converts Postscript and PDF files to various editable vector graphic formats including tgif, xfig, PDF graphics, gnuplot format, idraw, MetaPost, GNU Metafile, PIC, Killustrator and flattened PostScript. platform: Linux


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