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Conversion Tools: Professional Service accepts files through almost any media, translate those into a different format, and forward them on to their destination. For example, they could accept a file of mailing addresses that had been stored in DBF format on a Macintosh, translate that into a fixed length record file in EBCDIC, and forward that on to a fulfillment center's mainframe computer.

Data Management Division - Andhra Electronics Limited

AEL Data offers a wide range of data entry and conversion services: Highly accurate data capture from paper, image and microfilm; XML/ SGML/HTML Conversion; Searchable PDF conversion; Scanning, OCR; Typesetting (TeX/ LaTeX); database creation, validation & maintenance, Forms processing and remote data entry.

Data Conversion Laboratory

Data Conversion Laboratory: Whether your business is eCommerce, electronic publishing, or online information services, getting your data converted accurately and quickly is critical. Data Conversion Laboratory enables your valuable data for the Internet or CD-ROM by converting to structured formats like XML , SGML and HTML. Not only that, but DCL converts to and from virtually all word processing and typesetting formats.


PROCAT-GEN is an innovative application integrating SGML, network and multi-media technology to bring real benefits both for the users and suppliers of product catalogues : attractive online catalogues with a much richer content and a more creative use of multi-media; faster and easier information access by using more intelligent catalogue structures; improved quality of use through integrated online services offline catalogues can not provide; improved efficiency and increased productivity of the catalogue production process by support for the catalogue lifecycle and the seamless conversion from and to electronic formats; longevity, reliability and maintainability of the catalogue data is obtained by separating the content from the actual layout and publishing format of the catalogue ; a common structured source to publish to multiple media (online, CD-ROM and paper); added value from marketing and customer support through integrated services; an open system supported by commercially available products and technology; a common method enabling to interchange data within Global Engineering Networks.

Trio Company of Cheektowaga

Do you have Word Processing, spread-sheet, data base or map file or disk archives that are in an unusable format?
Trio USA

Do you suddenly have a need to use this archived information, or think that sometime you might need to use it?

If the answer is "Yes!", then we can help you convert from old CP/M and DOS formats into Windows 95 compatible formats. We can even read 8" CP/M disks! We can do things such as:

  • Copy CP/M files to 3.5" disks CP/M
  • Convert from one Word Processing format to another Word Processing
  • Convert from one spread-sheet format to another Spreadsheets
  • Convert from one map format to another Maps
  • Modify the text so that it looks great in the new word processing, database, spread sheet or map programs.
  • Create databases from files Data Bases

SysPac - Data Conversions

SysPac - Data Conversions: Products & Services. Internet Access Network Connectivity Tech Support Website Design Training Center Data Conversions Programming...


InterMedia: Besides other conversion stuff, specialized in converting many different floppy and tape formats.


DATA-MIGRATION GmbH: Data conversion for SAP projects.


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