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Conversion Tools: Source Code


Mangle is a source de-formatter/de-commentor/encryptor. It will remove all comments and/or formatting from C/C++ source code leaving only what is required. Mangle can also encrypt/decrypt source/text files.

General Unix Tools

  • sed2p (sed -> perl)
    platform: Linux
  • a2p (awk -> perl)
    platform: Linux
  • p2c (Perl -> C)
    platform: Linux, RPM
  • p2c (Pascal -> C)
    platform: Linux, RPM
  • alien (RPM, DEB, PKG)
    platform: Linux, RPM
  • f2c (Fortran 77 -> C)
    platform: Linux, RPM
  • vb2c Visual Basic to C ??

VB2Glade - Visual Basic to Glade/GTK+ Convertor

VB2Glade program is a simple command line program that takes the VB form file (.frm) as input and outputs a directory with the created glade project. Conversion of pictures and some graphic elements are also supported. platform:Win32 license:GNU/GPL




nib2gmodel is a tool developed for GNUstep which converts OpenStep/MacOS X nib files to a GNUstep gmodel file. As the nib file format has never been documented, this tool must be run on a platform that works with nibs natively, such as OPENSTEP 4 or Mac OS X 10.1.

Nokia Logo Converter for Linux

The Nokia Logo Converter for Linux is a small program that is capable of converting most Nokia Logo Files (*.nlm, *.nol, *.ngg) into Bitmap and vice-versa, allowing you this way to use any Bitmap you drew or copied from somewhere as a logo for your Nokia Mobile Phone or to browse your collection of Nokia Logo files. It handles both formats of Logos (Operator and Picture SMS) and has an integrated file browser showing you every Logo or Bitmap in a directory while you scroll in the file box.


MARST automatically translates programs written on the algorithmic language Algol 60 to the C programming language. It includes three main components: MARST, the translator; ALGLIB, the library containing precompiled standard Algol 60 procedures, and other necessary routines; and MACVT, the converter, which allows you to convert existing Algol 60 programs from other representations, to MARST representation.

Glade to C Translator

g2c (Glade to C Translator) creates modularized C code from a Glade XML file.


JH2N (Java host to named conversion program) converts a hosts file to a full BIND 8 or 9 configuration. JH2N was inspired by the program included in the O'Reilly "DNS and BIND" book. Various options are available to enhance its operation by incuding external files. Using the simple host file syntax, very large and complex zones can be maintained.

AIX ToolBox

With the AIX ToolBox nearly all Linux programs are compilable under AIX now.


code2ref is a Perl script that generates references in text, TEX, HTML, or XML format for a set of files containing C/C++-style structure and function declarations. It uses comments that precede declarations as the help text for each entry and has a customizable backend. The output is produced according to a particular format. The format can be built-in or user-specified. code2ref is similar to javadoc. platform: Linux license: GPL


REC is a portable reverse engineering compiler, or decompiler. It reads an executable file, and attempts to produce a C-like representation of the code and data used to build the executable file. It is portable because it has been designed to read files produced for many different targets, and it has been compiled on several host systems. license: not in the Public Domain source: own research see also here.



bin2hex will convert a binary file into a Perl, Pascal/Delphi, C/C++, or Java source code array. For example, you may want to do this to include a GIF or other binary file directly inside your Perl CGI script, rather than reading the data from an external file to reduce file access. platform: Linux (Perl)


Awka is both a translator of AWK programs to ANSI C, and a separate library against which the C code is linked. The aim of Awka is to allow distribution of an executable (free distribution that is), to provide better performance than AWK interpretors, and to allow easy inclusion of AWK logic in larger C applications. platform: Linux
license: free for non-commercial use

cobfusc - make a C source file unreadable but compilable

The cobfusc utility converts the input file, written in the C language, into a human unreadable one, but compilable. The main work is converting every identifier into a meaningless one, removing any comment and com- pacting all the white-spaces when they are not required. platform: Linux


zJSP is an experimental translator from JavaServer Pages (jsp's) to Java. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Sun's Java Servlet Developers Kit (JSDK), version 2.0. It *should* work with any Java Servlet environment compatible with JSDK servlets. zJSP is implemented as a page compiler, translating JSP pages into Java Servlets, which are then run using a Java Servlet environment.
platform: Linux, Java license: GPL


tcpdump2ascii is a small Perl utility that takes the hexadecimal output from tcpdump(8) and produces the ASCII equivalent side by side.
platform: Linux, license: Freeware source: FreshMeat


gnome2wmaker is a GNOME to Window Maker menu converter. You can use this tool to get a dynamic submenu in the rootmenu of Window Maker listing all installed GNOME applications.


BitGen accepts text strings of 1's, 0's and hex digits and converts them to equivalent "pwl" voltage sources for inclusion in netlists for circuit simulation (with, SPICE or Spectre, for example). Periodic waveforms (such as clocks) can be exported as "pulse" voltage sources. Waveform parameters such as rise time, fall time, pulse width and duty cycle can be set on a signal-by-signal basis. BitGen is written in Perl with the Perl/Tk toolkit and has a simple graphical interface. platform: Linux license: Artistic


DeuTex is a wad composer for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife. It can be used to extract the lumps of a wad and save them as individual files. Conversely, it can also build a wad from separate files. When extracting a lump to a file, it does not just copy the raw data, it converts it to an appropriate format (such as PPM for graphics, .au for samples, etc.). When it reads files for inclusion in pwads, it does the necessary reciprocal conversions. In addition, DeuTex has functions such as merging wads, etc.


y2l takes a yacc(1) grammar description file and generates an EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form) grammar from it. By default, the output will be a LaTeX(1) longtable environment, that can be \input{} into any LaTeX document. Automatic substitution of symbolic terminals can also be taken care of. Options control whether any optimization should be done on the grammar, and whether plain ASCII output should be generated instead. platform: Linux license: Artistic


The Shadow password file utilities package includes the programs necessary to convert traditional V7 UNIX password files to the SVR4 shadow password format, and additional tools to maintain password and group files (that work with both shadow and non-shadow passwords).


nib2gmodel is a tool developed for GNUstep which converts Apple/NeXT OpenStep 4.x/Mac OS X Server nib files (and perhaps other nib files) to the GNUstep version of a nib file called a gmodel file. Please note that, as the nib file format has never been documented, this tool must be run on a platform that works with nibs natively, as OpenStep or Mac OS X Server. license: GPL platform: Linux


intel2gas is a converter between the source format of the NASM and GAS (GNU Assembler) assemblers. It was originally written for use with the Hermes project but with extensibility in mind. Syntax files can be written to allow conversion between any other assembly languages. platform: Linux


reap reap (the Reverse Engineer's Assembly Producer) is a Perl/Tk-based GUI for the objdump binutil. It also cross-references JMPs and CALLs, and inserts string references where appropriate. In addition to providing advanced editing features, this program displays information about the binary under inspection, the offset of an opcode, header info, and more.

The GOTE Converter

The GOTE Converter (The GTK+ Objects To Eiffel converter) automaticaly generates GTK C external access features for Eiffel. It generates an Eiffel wrapper library for GTK by parsing the GTK headers and source.
platform: Linux, license: GPL


java2html is a simple program that, given a Java source file, produces a HTML source with syntax highlighting.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


java2html converts Java (and other) source code (complete files or snippets) to HTML, RTF, TeX and XHTML with syntax highlighting.
license: GPL


Pretty-printer for converting C/C++ code to a LaTeX listing,
platform: Linux


Translator of English <-- >C/C++ declarations,
platform: Linux


Simula to C translator. Mother of all OO-languages.,
platform: Linux


GNU Ada 95 Translator,
platform: Linux


Modula-2 / C Converter,
platform: Linux


Qbasic to C conversion,
platform: Linux


GNU libc 961212 snapshot to GNU libc version 2.1 conversion utility, platform: Linux


C-Liner: Convert C/C++ files to HTML. Freeware SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Convert C/C++ src to syntax-highlighted HTML SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


convert a termcap description into a terminfo description captoinfo looks in file for termcap descriptions. For each one found, an equivalent terminfo description is written to standard output. Termcap tc capabilities are translated directly to terminfo use capabilities.
platform: Linux


LiSP2TeX extracts excerpts of Lisp (Scheme) or C code from files and incorporates them, for instance, into TeX files. It can also conveniently pretty-print or convert parenthetic expressions into trees, drawings, Greek denotations, etc. platform: Linux

Turbo C to gcc porting tool

TurboC is a function library and a set of header files for porting MS-DOS based Borland Turbo C code to GNU gcc. Mainly, it is an implementation of "conio" functions in ncurses, but various other Turbo C library functions are provided as well.
license: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)


asm2hex is a perl-friendly at&t assembler to hex converter (building ontop of gas and objdump).
license: BSD


The Caml2TeX is an application that outputs LaTeX2e code from a CAML source file, so that it can be shown in presentations or articles, or simply printed.


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