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Conversion Tools: Calendars - Date & Time

EpochConverter (online)

EpochConverter provides Epoch & Unix Timestamp Conversion Tools online.


Epoch2Time is a little program to convert Unix epoch values to local time.
platform: Linux
license: GNU General Public License v3

Roman Numeral Conversion API

Roman Numeral Conversion API performs Roman numeral conversions and formats date data using Roman numerals and Latin. The romandate command is similar to the standard Unix date command. The romannum command provides command line conversion to and from Roman numerals. Libroman can be linked against access roman_ctime(), roman_asctime(), and roman_strftime(). These functions provide the same functionality as ctime(), asctime(), and strftime() using Roman numerals to generate the strings.
platform: Linux
license: GNU General Public License v2


World Calendar: Convert between calendars SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Swatch Internet Time conversion tool. Freeware SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98

Yahoo / Outlook CSV to iCal Calendar Convertor (for iPod, iPhone, and iCal)

Online convertor for Yahoo Calendar CSV files . It generates iCalendar (iCal, .ics) files, which are compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, PHP iCalendar. The iCalendar format is an IETF standard for calendar information.
platform: online


Use this neat little CGI to convert ICAL files , for example exported from Google Calendar, to VCAL version 1 files, that can be for example imported into the Palm Desktop 4.x software. In other words, use this to import Google Calendars into Palm Desktop.
platform: online


rem2ics will convert the output of "remind -s" into correct RFC2445 iCalendar format.
platform: Unix
license: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Gregorian-to-Erisian Date Converter

Gregorian-to-Erisian Date Converter a front-end to the ddate program so that you might check various and sundry dates that interest you to find their equivalent (some might suggest superior) Discordian dates.
platform: online


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