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Conversion Tools: General UniX Conversion Tools

UNIX OS's provide a plethora of excellent tools to convert binary or text files. They may even combined together if you use them in a UNIX environment, though some of them are available in DOS/Windows versions too.

For an overview of text utilities look at: or
platform: Linux and others

For an overview of binary file utilities look at: or .
platform: Linux, and others

  • GNU Textutils
  • AWK
  • SED
  • DD (EBCDIC < - >ASCII)
  • OD
  • XDD (Binaries ->Hexdump)
  • TR
  • CPIO
  • PERLThe Perl Language Home Page Perl is the conversion tool par excellence. Introduction to regular expressions in perl by Tom Christiansen at
    • perl-Convert-BER-1.18-1 Convert-BER module for perl
    • perl-Convert-BinHex-1.119-1 Convert-BinHex module for perl
    • perl-Convert-EBCDIC-0.05-1 Convert-EBCDIC module for perl
    • perl-Convert-Recode-1.03-1 Convert-Recode module for perl
    • perl-Convert-SciEng-0.90-1 Convert-SciEng module for perl
    • perl-Convert-Translit-1.03-1Convert-Translit module for perl
    • perl-Convert-UU-0.20-1 Convert-UU module for perl

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