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Conversion Tools: UniX - DOS - MAC


A DOS <--> UNIX converter which even correctly converts German umlauts. Something everybody(!) is looking for..;) by Torsten Fährmann <>
platform: Linux


Creates a shell script that aids in the restoration of Unix filenames that got clobbered by the MS-DOS filename restrictions. MS-DOS filenames are restricted to 8 character names, 3 character extensions, upper case only, no device names, and no illegal characters. The mkmanifest command is used to create a shell script (packing list) to restore Unix filenames. The mkmanifest program is compatible with the methods used in pcomm, arc, and mtools to change perfectly good Unix filenames to fit the MS-DOS restrictions. This command is only useful if the target system which will read the diskette cannot handle vfat long names. mkmanifest is part of the mtools package.
platform: Linux


LineFeed is a GTK graphical utility which offer an easy way to convert DOS text files to UNIX text files by removing all unwanted carriage return characters.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


unix <-> dos text converter,
platform: Linux


Newline conversion utility.
platform: Linux


Text file format converter.
platform: Linux


unix2dos - UNIX to DOS text file format converter.
platform: Linux


Converts text files from CR/LF to LF, and vice-versa,
platform: Linux


utility to convert UNIX text to DOS and vica versa,
platform: Linux


Converts text files into CR/LF (PC) text files SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


ASCII text file conversion shell utility SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Dos/Unix text converter, long filename support SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Nameless file convertor: Text to Dos/Mac/Unix SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


Converts Dos/RTF to Unix txt w/ FTP/Telnet SimtelNet
platform: MS-Windows95/98


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