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Conversion Tools: XML


DataMorph is an intuitive, easy to use data conversion tool that provides powerful conversion functions for the most common data interchange formats. DataMorph supports data conversion to and from database systems, XML and delimited or fixed width ascii files. Furthermore, DataMorph provides functions to manipulate the data and it's hierarchical structure or schema within the conversion process, so the data can be taken to the desired format and schema in a single step.

DataMorph is built using the Java™ language. This means that the application is platform independent and can be run on any computer that supports the Java™ JVM, including Windows, MacIntosh, Linux and most other Unix flavors. Additionally, as DataMorph uses Java™ JDBC to connect to database systems, it can connect to any of the major databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, IngresSQL, Access..) platform: Linux, Mac, Windows
license: Commercial, free trial


Are you looking for ways to improve how you convert existing content into XML? The CambridgeDocs xDoc Converter allows users to convert existing documents (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, Text, etc) into meaningful XML documents ( e.g. DocBook, HRXML, RIXML, IRXML, FPML, DAS-XML, NewsML, any custom schemas/DTDs, etc.). Unlocking legacy content for meaningful use in any project can be a very significant problem. The xDoc XML Converter from CambridgeDocs allows organizations to do exactly that. By providing a development environment specifically tailored to map contextual content to meaningful DTDs and XML Schemas, and a powerful transformation engine that can scale from a single to thousands of documents in a batch, the xDoc XML Converter becomes an essential tool in any XML conversion process. CambridgeDocs offers also a free white paper, Transforming Unstructured Content into Meaningful XML .

X-Pilot Converting Legacy (Quark/Pagemaker) Documents to XML

Unitech Info Solutions has developed an application called X-Pilot to convert Quark and Pagemaker documents to XML .


teXto! is a content-analysis tool that automatically transforms any plain text (e.g. notes) into several types of XML documents (objects) that represent user objects for further analysis and querying. Transformation is based on a dictionary with words-to-ob jects relations and user DTDs describing objects structure.
platform: Linux
license: GPL


xml2 tools for converting XML and HTML to and from a line-oriented format designed to facilitate processing by classic Unix pipeline processing tools (grep, sed, awk, cut, sh, etc). An (undocumented) input filter for CSV files that supports quoted values, configurable separator characters, and an optional header line; it's a great way to get data from CSV into XML.
platform: Linux
license: GPL

UnMarshalling-HOWTO: Mapping Between XML and Database Systems (in German)

Un-Marshalling-HOWTO: Mapping Between XML and Database Systems (in German).

Allora XML-RDB Mapping

Allora is a real-time, bi-directional XML-RDB transformation Java middleware. Allora leverages leading-edge XML mapping technology to give application developers comprehensive access to relational databases without the need for complex SQL or XSLT programming. At a high level, Allora, a HiT Software XML database product, can generate XML from any database and write XML element and attribute values into any database. Allora also offers XML access to granular database structures.
license: commercial


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